Tilagus – latin word for a bay that looks like three connected lakes. In Croatian – Telašćica Nature Park!

As we wrote in June, UNDP-GEF project PARCS in cooperation with National Geographic Croatia presents all nineteen protected areas - National Parks and Nature Parks in Croatia with a series of stories.

Better Together – Social Inclusion of Roma in Croatia

The Project that has been implemented by UNDP is completed, but this does not mean the end for activities we have supported, initiated or strengthened! Our main partners, actors and beneficiaries are citizens of Roma background from two counties Sisak –Moslavina and Međimurje. They were included in planning different interventions, executions of small community actions, mobile team activities and a number of cultural and educational events. They were also included in the activities of social and school cooperatives.

UNDP-GEF project PARCS and National Geographic Croatia

Stories and pictures, from month to month, from one park to another– join us on this splendid journey through the nature of Croatian Parks!

STORY: Coming From Behind of the Wall of Silence - Delivering Rights for Victims of Sexual Violence in War

Creating a law to recognize the survivors, give some form of compensation and ensure improved access to adequate health care and psycho-social support, is one of the good examples of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) projects on transitional justice to date.

Renewable Solutions for Green villages in the ‘stans’

  Introducing Greenvillages from Marko Capek on Vimeo. Written by Marko Capek We asked ourselves “How to bring energy access to rural Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic?” Of course, the energy would have to be green and renewable as it provides immediate solution for electricity access.  So we invited...

Parks of Croatia – a practical guide for visitors and nature lovers

The Parks of Croatia brochure, is a practical guide to the Croatian protected areas - the eight national and eleven nature parks. Each one is unique in its natural beauty and features, but equally valuable, which is confirmed by about 2.7 million visitors who are attracted to them every year. The brochure will...

Crowdfunding and aid: How giving a little can have a huge impact?

By Mak Dukan The recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Nepal this spring has claimed over 6000 lives and left millions people homeless and displaced. In response to this event, donation and reward-based crowdfunding platforms have collected over $20 million in just 60 days. GlobalGiving has for instance helped...

Energy Advisors Ready to Implement First Energy Visits

The 150-hours long training is completed and 13 long-term unemployed people from the Koprivnica Krizevci County got an opportunity to work as energy advisors for energy poor households.

Solar energy brings electricity and life to rural areas of Croatia

Ilija Radulović and Nada Hajdin together with their two daughters, live in a remote part of Karlovac County, where they breed cattle and produce milk. This would not be so strange, that until recently they haven't lived without electricity „Without electricity and refrigerators, we could not even think about selling...