Crowdfunding As a Potential Behemoth: A Billion Euro Industry Waiting To Happen

31 Oct 2016 by Kristina Lauš

Industry experts, NGO’s and private companies, government representative and numerous curious individuals - having them all at one place to discuss future of crowdfunding in our region meant another step ahead is made. … Read more

UNDP Alternative Financing Lab - the next big thing is a lot of small (and smart things)!

19 Sep 2016 by Milica Begović , Robert Pašičko and Marina Petrović

We mobilized over EUR 3 million across a series of experiments with alternative financing mechanisms. Next - UNDP Alternative Financing Lab. … Read more

Buying in a sustainable manner: All it takes is a little bit of green

16 Dec 2015

Did you know that public procurement on the EU level amounts to € 1000 billion per year? In the EU, the public purchase of goods and services has been estimated to account for 16% of GDP. In 2014 Croatia spent EUR 5,5 billion on public procurement. … Read more

Crowdfunding and aid: How giving a little can have a huge impact?

16 Dec 2015

Crowdfunding is creating a new space in international aid, which allows individuals from everywhere in the world to participate in global development efforts. There are numerous benefits to this in comparison to traditional aid mechanisms. … Read more

UNDPCrowd - a New Kid on the Block?

11 Dec 2015

Do we want to be able to give people what they need, do it fast and efficient? Then we need to urgently set-up an alternative finance research unit and start trying how this works in real time with real people. We need to be THE new kid on the block! … Read more