With a little help from my friends: Crowdfunding Academy in Croatia

19 Nov 2015

Let’s take a look at the next round of participants for UNDP’s Global Crowdfunding Academy.Although the competition was really strong, we have chosen 11 teams with the projects that inspired us most. From green solutions to local peacebuilders, let’s meet teams from around the world that want to change their community with some help from the crowd. … Read more

Sailing towards 2020: Building a sustainable future for the EU fisheries

01 Apr 2015

Photo: property of FARNET
The romantic views of fishermen who spend the entire nights in the open sea to feed their families have long been replaced by some other images as the fishing communities throughout the European Union face many challenges. … Read more

From Tajikistan with love: The “handywomen” diaries

03 Mar 2015

Recently, I blogged about setting up solar water heaters as potential business opportunities for women in Tajikistan. Today, I’m happy to follow up the story on the ground with the resourceful women of Jilikul, a tiny village near the border of Afghanistan. Walking around Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, I was struck by the sight of a group of men sitting by the market equipped with saws and hammers. They are the local handymen who you can pay to do odd jobs around the house. … Read more

A bright idea for a green business in rural Tajikistan

16 Feb 2015 by Marko Capek , Robert Pašičko and Zoran Kordić

With an incredible 300+ sunny days a year, Tajikistan seems primed to be a solar powered force to be reckoned with. A recent UNECE report notes that solar power “could satisfy 60%–80% of the population’s demand for 10 months in the year.” Solar business makes a lot of sense for a country that has a vast potential for solar energy – and where power shortages during the winter are more the rule than exception. … Read more