Poverty reduction and inequality

Crowdfunding and aid: How giving a little can have a huge impact?

16 Dec 2015

Crowdfunding is creating a new space in international aid, which allows individuals from everywhere in the world to participate in global development efforts. There are numerous benefits to this in comparison to traditional aid mechanisms. … Read more

UNDPCrowd - a New Kid on the Block?

11 Dec 2015

Do we want to be able to give people what they need, do it fast and efficient? Then we need to urgently set-up an alternative finance research unit and start trying how this works in real time with real people. We need to be THE new kid on the block! … Read more

With a little help from my friends: Crowdfunding Academy in Croatia

19 Nov 2015

Let’s take a look at the next round of participants for UNDP’s Global Crowdfunding Academy.Although the competition was really strong, we have chosen 11 teams with the projects that inspired us most. From green solutions to local peacebuilders, let’s meet teams from around the world that want to change their community with some help from the crowd. … Read more