With a little help from my friends: Crowdfunding Academy in Croatia

November 13, 2015 by Jasmina Kolic and Marina Zadro

We tried it once, and it worked out pretty well.

Thirteen teams have now successfully graduated from our Crowdfunding Academy.

The first campaign debuted from the Academy - Lighten the Load of Syrian Mothers raised over 500 percent of its original target funding – with Taste of Home and STEMI are heading in the same direction.

Over the past few months, we introduced the teams to the possibilities of crowdfunding for realising community projects, helping to shape their campaigns, and mentoring them on the path to success.

“Crowdfunding Academy was a very special experience for us,” said STEMI’s Marin Trošelj. “It was fun, engaging and it brought us to a closer understanding what crowdfunding really is. Without it, we certainly wouldn’t have created the successful campaign we have today.”

Now it’s your turn!

Let’s take a look at the next round of participants for UNDP’s Global Crowdfunding Academy.Although the competition was really strong, we have chosen 11 teams with the projects that inspired us most.

From green solutions to local peacebuilders, let’s meet teams from around the world that want to change their community with some help from the crowd:

1): Let’s paint Skopje from 50 shades of GREY to 50 shades of GREEN

The main idea of this Macedonian project is to pick out one prominent building in Skopje and turn it from grey to green.

The proposed building is the Skopje City Hospital, located right in the centre – the most polluted area of the capital. By refurbishing this old building with a green roof and façades, we’re hoping this will inspire similar undertakings in other polluted areas of the country.

2) Digital Future for the Urban Poor

This project from Bangladesh will aim to empower urban youth to make money by developing their IT skills. The team wants to provide tailored training to 40 IT wunderkinds and help prep them for the job market.

3)  Peace Pathways

This Colombian project is based on eco-friendly sources of energy like recyclable bottles used as lightbulbs and charged by solar energy.

Energy will not only foster access to basic services but also strengthen local governance, thus reducing the recurrences of conflict in areas previously dominated by armed actors.

4) Village Climate Adaptation

The East Nusa Tenggara province, in the eastern part of Indonesia, is one of the country’s driest and poorest areas.

This project aims to provide the rural communities in Palanggay Village with solar-powered water pump units. Access to clean water can in turn help home-grown production of seaweed generating income for the community.

The campaign will also help the villagers to improve their access to clean water for household consumption.

5) Green School in Sorvo

In Tajikistan, this project intends to provide access to sustainable and energy efficiency solutions by covering the roof or backyard of the school with solar panels to have an independent energy supply.

These are the first five intrepid teams, stay tuned to hear about six more! 

In the meantime tell us: Which idea do you like the most?



This post was orginally posted on the UNDP's website for Europe and Central Asia.

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