Regional Competitiveness Index of Croatia 2007

23 Sep 2008


In collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), the National Council on Competitiveness (NVK) and the United Nations Development Programme presented research on "The Croatian Regional Competitiveness Index of 2007". This is the first time that research on Croatia produced a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of its three regions, and 21 counties, and the reasons behind the differences between these regions. It also provided suggestions on how to strengthen economic competitiveness on the local level. The research methodologies were based on those used by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Institute of management development (IMD).

Research showed that the problems Croatia is facing in regional competitiveness today are similar to those problems faced by the European Union. It also emphasized that in order to achieve greater regional development several factors, such as economic growth, employment, innovation, and social cohesion, had to be promoted.


  • According to the results, the Northwestern region of Croatia ranks first, the Adriatic region second, and Central and Eastern Croatia comes in third.
  • The city f Zagreb, as well as the counties of Medimurje, Istria, and Varazdin take the lead, while the Vukovarska-Srijemska, Pozesko-Slavonska and the Licko-Senjska counties come in last.
  • Out of the ten counties that ranked the lowest on competitiveness, eight had more than 50 percent of land in the so-called areas of special state care.