Analysis of national case studies on policy reforms to promote energy efficiency investments

04 Nov 2015

An energy efficiency program for Croatia (2005-2011) developed and implemented by UNDP Croatia and GEF with the aim to address the issue of sustainable energy use in public buildings was presented as an example of successful national case study in the report titled „Analysis of National Case Studies on Policy Reforms to promote Energy Efficiency Investments“.

The project titled “Removing barriers to energy efficiency in Croatia“ established energy efficiency as a policy priority as well as a practical tool for effective housekeeping in the whole public sector in the county, including local and county authorities, as well as central Government ministries and agencies. 

In practical terms, the program produced about USD 18 million cost savings and cut the annual GHG emissions by 63 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent. Additionally, the project changed the perception and business-as-usual practice regarding energy efficiency in the public sector. The project also change perception towards energy efficiency by information campaigns, outreach activities and advisor services. More than 5,500 public officials and energy experts, including energy auditors, were trained to implement energy efficiency policy measures.