Annual Performance Report of UNDP-supported GEF financed projects

19 Aug 2014

The GEF is the main global mechanism to support developing countries in fulfilling their  commitments under major multilateral environmental agreements. GEF-financed projects address  the key drivers of environmental degradation in order to achieve, in the long-term, global  environmental benefits such as reducing the loss of biodiversity, or mitigating as well as avoiding  the impacts of climate change, amongst others. Countries access their GEF resource allocation  by developing projects with one of ten3 GEF Agencies, and countries make this selection based  on the comparative advantages of each GEF Agency.

UNDP believes the GEF is a critical instrument for achieving sustainable development. UNDP’s comparative advantage is in assisting countries to design and implement innovative and scalable  interventions that will deliver multiple development benefits. This demonstrates that global  environmental objectives are most effectively achieved by connecting social, economic and environmental needs.

Each and every one of the GEF financed projects highlighted in this report made significant contributions to inclusive and sustainable growth, effective governance and enhanced resilience in over 120 countries.