The Framework for Low-Emission Development Strategy for Croatia

07 Jun 2013


Croatia is required to develop the Low-emission Development Strategy under its commitments to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and under mandatory EU emission targets.


"The Framework for Low-Emission Development Strategy for Croatia" will be used as the basis for the development of the Low-Carbon Development Strategy, with defined sectoral aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions until 2050.


This publication is focused on identifying specific examples of so-called “triple wins”: solutions that address the urgent environmental threats while at the same time promoting growth and equity.


The publication presents a number of such examples, showing, for example, how high levels of waste recycling on the Island of Krk helped to create 30 new jobs; or how solar energy was used to restore electricity to a remote farming village, helping families expand dairy production at one-third of the cost of a traditional grid connection.


These examples point that low-carbon development offers at least part of the answer to Croatia’s number-one economic problem: unemployment. Our research suggests that a concerted focus on energy efficiency and renewable sources could create as many as 80,000 new “green jobs”, helping Croatia to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.