Millenium Development Goals


Croatian MDG Reports Official Reports Overview of achievements of the Republic of Croatia in the fulfilment of MDGs from 2006 to 2010

Fully cognizant of the benefits of monitoring current conditions and trends in national activities focused towards development, relevant ministries and government offices collected information on progress accomplished since the last official report on the progress and achievement of MDGs in 2006,more


First Progress Report on the Achievement of the nationalized Millenium Development Goals

The Republic of Croatia issued its first Progress Report on the Achievement of the nationalized Millennium Development Goals in October 2006. The Report contains clearly defined statistical indicators which will monitor the progress the responsible bodies make in achieving the targets defined inmore


The Millenium Development Goals - First Report

In 2004, the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the First Report on Millenium Development Goals in Croatia, analysing the current situation and steps needed to achieve national Millenium Development Goals. more


Croatia is on track for implementation of most of the Millennium Development Goals. The government has taken a series of steps to ensure that the MDG implementation drive be coordinated both with national priorities and with European Union (EU) accession requirements.

As a country which has made the transition from a development aid recipient country to a donor country, as well as like other EU member states, Croatia adopted the EU support plan for the achievement of the MDGs. Moreover, Croatia has assumed a more active approach in donating development aid, since signing Millennium Declaration which, among other things, stresses the importance of international cooperation and global partnership for the successful fulfilment of the Millennium agenda as a whole.