Youth and the Millenium Development Goals in Croatia

04 Jul 2005


This report is the result of the Involving Youth Organizations in the Millennium Development Goals project, implemented by the Croatian Youth Network in cooperation with UNDP in Croatia. The project’s three objectives were to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals among youth organizations, to investigate how and to what extent youth in Croatia have actively been involved in the areas of the MDGs and to motivate youth organizations to start new initiatives and contribute to the achievement of the MDGs. The project was implemented in three phases. Firstly, youth trainers were familiarized with the MDGs. Secondly, regional workshops were organized by local partner organizations, in order to educate young people about the MDGs and to gather information on youth activities that complement the Millennium process. Thirdly, the report was written. It contains summarized information obtained at the regional workshops. Youth contributions are at the heart of this report and the main message of this report is clear – youth must be a vital partner to governments in achieving the MDGs.


  • Youth (aged 15 to 29) account for 20.25% of the total population, while the unemployment rate for persons aged 15-24 is 34.4%
  • The share of women in Croatia’s total population is 51.9%, while women account for 59% of the totally unemployed
  • Priority health problems are chronic non-contagious diseases: cardiovascular disease (causes death in 52% of cases) and malignancies (cause death in 24% of cases)
  • The number of protected natural assets has increased from 371 to 427 (in 2001)