Report exploring the link between MSM, homophobia and HIV/AIDS in countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia

31 May 2010

The term ‘Men who have sex with men’, frequently shortened to MSM - describes a behaviour rather than a specific group of people. It includes self-identified gay, bisexual, or heterosexual men, many of whom may not consider themselves gay or bisexual including transgender populations.

MSM presents a topic that many governments and certain individuals would prefer not to talk about and choose to be silent on these issues, failing to acknowledge these behaviours and address them, which unfortunately helps the HIV and AIDS epidemic to grow. Therefore, the prevention programs addressing MSM are vitally important. However, this population is often seriously neglected because of official denial by governments, the relative invisibility of MSM, stigmatization of male-to-male sex, ignorance and/or lack of adequate information.


This report is prepared in order to enable national authorities for better understanding of social and political context that would lead to comprehensive planning of prevention activities among MSM and other sexual minorities, even lead to a development of a larger scale sub-regional project.