Report on the work of the National consultant for HIV/AIDS and human rights in 2010

29 Jun 2011

In the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (2001), adopted by all United Nations Member States, Governments committed themselves to address the needs of those at risk of infection based on sexual practices. In the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS (2006), Governments reiterated their commitment to support the full and active participation of vulnerable groups and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against them while respecting their privacy and confidentiality. All UN Member States are also committed to promote a social and legal environment that is supportive of safe and voluntary disclosure of HIV status.

UNAIDS, Joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS supports countries and communities to achieve these commitments as essential to reach universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support and to achieve Millennium Development Goal 6—to halt and begin to reverse the HIV epidemic by 2015. Achieving these goals will not be possible where discrimination and criminalization continues against people living with HIV, men who have sex with men, lesbians, and transgender people.

The report brings an evaluation of the treatment of persons living with HIV/AIDS in Croatia, and a number of recommendations on how to improve the situation.