The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for 2015

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  • / Youth and the MDGs in Croatia, 2005, Published by: Croatian Youth Network in partnership with UNDP CroatiaMore
  • / Report on the work of the National consultant for HIV/AIDS and human rights in 2010; UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS, June 2011 More
Latest MDG Reports
Overview of achievements in the fulfilment of MDGs from 2006 to 2010

As a country which has made the transition from a development aid recipient country to a donor country, as well as like other EU member states, Croatia adopted the EU support plan for the achievement of the MDGs. Moreover, Croatia has assumed a more active approach in donating development aid, since signing Millennium Declaration which, among other things, stresses the importance of international cooperation and global partnership for the successful fulfilment of the Millennium agenda as a whole.

First Progress Report on the Achievement of the nationalized Millenium Development Goals

The Republic of Croatia issued its first Progress Report on the Achievement of the nationalized Millennium Development Goals in October 2006.

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