Strengthening capacities of Ministry of the Interior through development of crime prevention system, victims support and arms control activities

Project description

Weapons destruction / Photo: UNDP Archive

Project represents continuation of joint Ministry of Interior and UNDP activities in community policing/crime prevention area previously undertaken as per programme „Destruction for development: engaging communities in fighting crime in support of the Ministry of Interior´s Community Based Policing“ as of September 2008 which included „Agreement on cooperation of the United Nations Development Programme in Croatia and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia in the fire-arms collection and public awareness raising campaign“ as of September 2007 and project „Support in establishment of Crime Prevention coordination unit and enforcement of systematic crime prevention work“ as of March 2012.

Project focuses on continuation of technical support in development of crime prevention system with Ministry of Interior so in order to strengthen the capacity of crime prevention system, UNDP and MoI will jointly continue to implement activities within two prevention campaigns, strengthening the work of the Crime Prevention Councils, which aim to be democratic and accountable bodies for dialogue, consensus, decision-making and projects with a clear mandate to make communities safer places to live and work.

Arms control activities - The large-scale accumulation of small arms and light weapons (SALW) has been recognised as an important challenge to peace and security. This has been defined by the EU Strategy on fight against illegal accumulation and trafficking in small arms and light weapons and ammunition, Croatian National Strategy and Action Plan on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Consequently, in order to minimize the risk of proliferation of SALW, it is crucial to destroy collected surpluses of weapons and to establish more expert knowledge on ballistics and SALW.

Through this activity the Ministry of Interior shall continue with the destruction of surplus and collected small arms and light weapons. Furthermore for the professionals working in the Centre for Investigation, Examination and Forensics “Ivan Vučetić” additional expert education will be organized in the area of SALW and ballistics.

Development od victims support activities with the police - In order to continue with the implementation of positive solutions related to the particular considerate treatment of victims and in order to implement effective strategies for assistance and support to victims, it is necessary to further strengthen the mechanism of cooperation between the police and other relevant government agencies and organizations that can provide necessary support and assistance to victims.

Tendency in the development of crime prevention system and victims support is also striving to build a "positive image" of police, its visibility, strengthening of its professionalism and expertise which is only possible through further cooperation with other relevant state, public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Project objectives are:

  • Increased level of community security on both national and local level
  • Measurable progress in the development of crime prevention and the role of prevention police officers across Croatia
  • Visible police involvement and collaboration with other relevant stakeholders in the society in the area of  crime prevention
  • Improving efficiency in the work of the police in prevention and suppression of violence against women and violence between youth
  • Measurable improvement in the police assistance to the victims of criminal offences and initiation of the certain elements of the support and assistance
  • Visible progress in the police communication and coordination of the support with other government agencies and organizations which are authorized to initiate victims support and assistance
  • Increased knowledge of police officers in victims support, as well as targeted public awareness, particularly focused on potentially vulnerable groups -  women and youth
  • Visible progress in establishing coordinated mechanism of police cooperation with other relevant government (national and local) public and non-governmental institutions and organizations that can provide necessary support to victims and prevent re-victimization
  • Increased overall number of (reported and discovered) criminal offenses with elements of violence, domestic violence, trafficking, sexual offenses as a result of increased reporting by victims of these crimes
  • Improving the efficiency of police cooperation with other relevant government agencies and civil society organizations in initiating and providing assistance and support to victims of criminal offenses, particularly offenses with elements of violence against women and youth
  • Increased cooperation between police and relevant NGOs
  • Increased level of trust in the police and perception of safety and security
  • Improved public awareness on weapons endangerment
  • Reduction in number of available weapons through continuous destruction
  • Increased knowledge of police officers  in ballistics and SALW   

Results of the project will be:

  • Strengthened Crime Prevention system through continuation of two crime prevention campaigns and support in work with Crime Prevention Councils and National women police officers network
  • Implemented weapons destruction events and expert education in ballistics and SALW
  • Established higher level of police officers knowledge in victims support and further strengthened coordination mechanism between police and other relevant government agencies and organizations that can provide necessary support to victims and achieved higher degree of public sensitivity especially to the potentially vulnerable groups such as women and youth


Joint MUP and UNDP campaign aimed at fighting violence against women, domestic violence, and youth violence entitled Living Life Without Violence was continued and first campaign activity was organized in Varazdin on 22 May 2012.

Campaign event was focused on the prevention of all kinds of violence and on building a culture of nonviolence among young people and it included:

  • Interactive workshop with the topic of violence prevention and development of culture of non-violence, non-discrimination and tolerance carried out by the police officers, in cooperation with UNDP and youth NGO.
  • Performance of a play directed by Zijah Sokolović (UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for Tolerance and Nonviolence) „Violence – there is no excuse for violence“ which involves interaction between actors and youth and which conceptually and thematically follows previously held interactive workshops.
  • Music and entertainment program that promotes  culture of non-violence and tolerance, positive values ​​and attitudes in society and encourages youth to develop a sense of their own contribution in  building "community that cares," with support and involvement of artists and musicians (Matija Dedić, Apokalipso Band)

Arms collection and awareness raising camaping Less arms - less tragedies will also be continued so in order to prepare for the continuation of the campaign activities new promotional materials were designed and currently await production and distribution (T-shirts, pads, pens, posters, leaflets, comics, etc.) New promo materials contain the slogan "Less arms, less tragedies", and they are all presented through the new visual identity based on a new format - comic book.

Campaign activities that will follow will include organization of public events in the presence of the media which would include conceptual thematic programs aimed at raising awareness on danger associated with illegal possession of weapons. These, campaign activities will include thematic workshops organized in cooperation with comic-book club with the aim to raise public awareness on endangerment posed by illegal weapons through use of one form of art – comic books.


Donor Amount (2012)
Amount (2013)
UNDP $10.000
UNDP/MoI (MUP)   $67.000


Year Delivery
2012 $29.909
December 2012 - December 2013
Geographic coverage
Republic of Croatia
Focus Area
Crime Prevention and Recovery; Democratic Governance; Gender
Project Officer
Tamara Karaica (
Ministry of Interior
Arms collection campaign 2007/12
PHOTO: Damir Hoyka


From September 2007 - December 2012 citizens surrendered:

  • 7,632 small arms and large weapons
  • 71,361 explosive weapons and devices
  • 3.208,622 rounds of ammunition, and
  • 2.515,555 kg of expolosives