Socio-economic recovery of Areas of Special State Concern - Banovina and Kordun region

Project description

Banovina-KordunPhoto: Krunoslav Rac

Central Croatian regions of Banovina and Kordun regions are still struggling to recover after the 1991-1995 conflict. Despite its increased vicinity to the capital Zagreb thanks to recent and ongoing infrastructure works, the counties rank very low in terms of social services, health and education. Return of refugees and influx of refugees from Bosnia has been larger here than in other parts of Croatia but it has not been met with increased employment opportunities or greenfield investment. The project aims at the socio-economic recovery of this region by supporting small and medium businesses to scale up job creation activities. It also provides assistance to socially excluded groups and individuals in the area with a special focus on refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) who, upon return, face difficulties in accessing basic infrastructure, community and social services, as well as employment or income generation activities.


The Project intends to address the problems of relative poverty, social exclusion, increasing disparities and other structural problems of the Areas of Special State Concern (ASSC) and under-developed regions of Banovina and Kordun by focusing on the county, municipality and local community level. Additionally, a horizontal sub-programme will be implemented in order to address the issue of regional authorities' strategic development capacity building, the establishment of cross-sector partnerships and upgrading municipal and county development structures and institutions' absorption capacity towards national and donors' (primarily EC) funds.

In targeted municipalities of Banovina – Kordun area and Counties of Sisak-Moslavina, Karlovac and Vukovar-Ilok area:

  • Limited reconstruction of targeted rural infrastructure, particularly related to the functioning of small remote communities, businesses and local markets carried out 
  • Strengthened local authorities at county and municipal level including absorption capacity for EU (and other available) funds 
  • Infrastructure interventions in management of water supply systems in targeted municipalities carried out


Donors Amount (2012) Amount (2013)
Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs $23.256,00 $25.356,00
Local partners (Glina, Plaški, Vojnić, Petrinja, Donji Lapac, Barilović, Slunj, Karlovac county) $89.577,00  
Local partners (Glina, Plaški, Vojnić, Petrinja, Donji Lapac, Barilović, Slunj, Dvor)   $224.310,00
European Union (EU)   $4.919,00
UNDP $70.000,00 $100.000,00


Year Delivery
2012 $153.496,00
2011 $120.485,00