Support to underdeveloped areas of Croatia to prepare for the EU CAP and Rural Development Policy

Project description

 Sheep breeders from Gospić / Photo by: UNDP archive

Agriculture still plays a key role in Croatian economy due to its overall value and its impact on food security, vulnerable populations and the employment it generates. Up to 92% of Croatia is classified as rural with 48% of the Croatian population living there. Less developed areas of Croatia, which make significant part of rural areas, are unprepared to face the challenges presented by Croatia's upcoming participation in the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The utilization ratio of the EC assistance programmes in agriculture and rural development is relatively low, currently at about 55%, with little or no projects receiving assistance in the most underdeveloped areas. At the same time, Croatia's agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to Climate Change, where one fourth of the Croatian economy or almost 10 billion Euros of Croatian GDP is vulnerable to current climate variability and likely future climate change impacts.


This project aims to support local communities, small producers, and local authorities to prepare for the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU and to benefit from the Rural Development policies of the EU while dealing with climate changes as well. Addressing present problems, project provides support in following areas:

  • Local Action Groups - establishment of democratic decision making structures, LAGs
  • Support to small producers and local authorities in preparation of project technical documentation
  • Better management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change
  • Diversification of the economy in the form of locally-owned, innovative small businesses, closely linked to landscape and biological diversity initiatives
  • Green Business Support Programme
  • The engagement of women and women's organizations


Donors Amount (2012)
Nethrelands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs $319.289,47
Zadar County $155,000
Lika-Senj county, EC fund, DSS  


Year Delivery
2012 $393,988
2011 $486,531