ARCH-Vukovar: Heritage as a means of development

Project summary

VukovarRestored facades of the Workers' Hall in Vukovar./Photo: City of Vukovar/Miroslav Slafhauzer

The best-known architectural monument in central Vukovar, Radnički dom (Worker's Hall), which was demolished during the 1990s war, is to regain its former splendor under a €1.64 million project funded by the European Union (EU) and the Vukovar Reconstruction and Development Fund.

Vukovar is one of the most gravely damaged areas in Europe and it was listed as one the 100 most endangered cultural sites in the world within the World Monuments Fund Programme.

The three months siege in Vukovar in 1991 destroyed the cultural heritage of the city. Between September and November, 118 individual monuments and valuable architectural ensembles in the historic urban area of Vukovar were demolished or badly damaged, of which 21 were completely destroyed. The restoration and rehabilitation of the cultural heritage in the historic area of Vukovar contributes to the establishment of sustainable peace; it provides a framework for returnees to exercise their rights; it contributes to the preservation of a Croatian identity built on ethnic diversity (20 different ethnic groups).

Given the city's position on the Danube, the proximity of other tourist locations and the proximity of Serbia, some positive synergies and incentives could and should be expected, especially in regard to the continuous improvement of cooperation between Vukovar and Bac municipality in Serbia. In addition, the importance of Worker's Hall as a historic place where the Yugoslav communist party was established could have positive impact on Vukovar tourism from all parts of former Yugoslavia. The project could also act as a catalyst for similar projects in the wider Western Balkans.


The main aim of the project is to promote the economic and human development of the Vukovar community and to foster interethnic reconciliation by restoring the most symbolic secular monument of the urban historic centre: Radnički dom, or the Worker's Hall.

  • To restore the external appearance the Worker's Hall thereby contributing to the restoration of the town's material and non-material cultural heritage.
  • To promote inter-cultural and inter-ethnic dialogue
  • To increase the city's attractiveness to tourists together with improvement of the area's potential for overall economic development.


Donors Amount (2012)
European Union (European Parliament) 
€1 million
Vukovar Reconstruction and Development Fund €640.000


Year Delivery
2011 $545,716