Bringing electricity to households in the remote and rural areas

Project description


The overall objective of the project Rural electrification – Bringing electricity to households in the remote and rural areas is to bring electricity to households in the remote and rural areas which currently don’t have access to it, by developing a systematic approach to the problem.

In the pilot phase, important part of the project was to set up the system for using renewable energy sources in remote areas and application of methodology developed by UNDP Croatia to distinguish – who owns the system, criteria for distinguishing between choosing a proper model of electrification – whether traditional connection to the grid or rural electrification should be chosen, and in case of rural electrification criteria for choosing between stand-alone photovoltaic system for a specific household or photovoltaic mini-grid for a village. During the pilot phase, electricity was brought to two households with installation of 2.4 kW photovoltaic systems and batteries.

In the scale-up phase to follow, UNDP will work with relevant national partners to further address problem of lack of energy in rural areas with renewable energy sources.


  • Provide electricity to families living in remote rural areas in a way that is cost-effective, environment-friendly and sustainable for the people – with use of renewable energy sources
  • Create pre-conditions for further development of "green" rural businesses thus contributing to GHG emissions reduction, climate change adaptation and nature preservation and protection


Donor Year Amount

2013 - 2014 $30.800,00