National Biodiversity Planning

Project description

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The project National Biodiversity Planning to Support the Implementation of the CBD 2011 – 2020 Strategic Plan in Croatia is part of the second generation of Biodiversity Enabling Activities (BD EA) under the GEF. Croatia has been Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) since October 7, 1996. The project addresses the country's need to continue to fulfil its obligations under the CBD, with particular focus on the Convention's Article 6 and the CBD COP Decision X/2. Above all, the project is a significant contribution to Croatia's efforts towards implementing the CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020 at the national level. The project builds on the current status and achievements of Croatia with respect to biodiversity planning and reporting.

It aims to integrate Croatia's obligations under the CBD into its national development and sectoral planning frameworks through a renewed and participative 'biodiversity planning' and strategizing process. This process is expected to produce measurable targets for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. It will equally ensure that the value of ecosystems' goods and services, as well as the challenges and opportunities for ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience are taken into consideration in the process.

In order to achieve the above aim, three 'outcomes' (corresponding to GEF components) are expected from the project:

1. A participative stocktaking exercise on biodiversity planning takes place and national biodiversity targets are developed in response to the global Aichi Targets,

2. NBSAP update is ready for stakeholder consultation and entering national procedure for Government endorsement,

3. National frameworks for NBSAP implementation, CBD reporting and exchange mechanisms are established and strengthened.


The project builds on the current status and achievements of Croatia with respect to its obligations vis-à-vis the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), in particular the country's biodiversity planning and Convention reporting processes, and its commitment to implement, at the national level, the CBD's Strategic Plan for the period 2011-2020.

In particular, the NBSAP for Croatia was completed March 6, 2001. This version of the NBSAP does not include a number of elements of the CBD Strategic Plan's Aichi Targets and newer COP guidance. The new CBD Strategic Plan, adopted at CoP-10 in 2010 in Nagoya, clearly addresses the need for updating NBSAPs, stating in Target 17 that "By 2015, each Party has developed, adopted as a policy instrument, and has commenced implementing an effective, participatory and updated national biodiversity strategy and action plan."

The strategic plan also covers a range of issues that will need to be incorporated into the revised NBSAPs, including guidance to countries to:

a) fully realise the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and incorporate these values into national and local development and poverty reduction strategies (Targets 1 and 2);

b) increase the global terrestrial protected area estate from 12% to 17% and the marine estate from 6% to 10% (Target 11);

c) restore and safeguard key ecosystem services, especially for water, health and livelihoods (Target 14); and

d) strengthen ecosystem resilience to climate change and promote ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation (Target 15).


Donors Amount
Global Environmental Facility (GEF) $220,000.00 
UNDP $40,000.00


Year 2012
Donor                                              Amount
Global Environmental Facility (GEF)                                           $19,442.000
UNDP                                             $15,000.00

Year 2013
Global Environmental Facility (GEF)                                             $94,187.66
UNDP                                             $24,556.87