The European platform for CITIZEN investment in renewable ENERGY

Project description


CITIZENERGY is a project that builds on know-how developed within the EU by different organizations and initiatives to implement citizen renewable energy projects – from cooperatives to investment intermediation – and provides them with a European dimension. Project identifies barriers to citizen investment, promote the European transfer of main business models and, most importantly, match citizen investors with new RES (renewable energy sources) projects in Europe. European platform will be developed where citizens can identify investment opportunities in RES projects and where project promoters can engage citizens and fund their projects.

In short, apart from legal and political benefits, CITIZENERGY will create a marketplace that matches energy-aware citizens with attractive citizen RES projects allowing citizens to become investors.


The strategic objectives are:

  • Contribute to the EU 20-20-20 energy goals
  • Contribute to a future with secure, cheaper and renewable electricity
  • Anticipate the creation of a common EU framework for citizen investment
  • Support the development of a long-term investment culture in the EU
  • Contribute to the European objective of job creation in a greener economy


Donor Year Amount
EACI 2014-2017 €62.456,00