Energy advisors for energy poor households in Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Project description

Project idea is to improve energy efficiency in energy poor households through the application of tips and energy efficiency measures, carried out by young and long-term unemployed persons qualified as energy efficiency advisors. The project goal is to alleviate energy poverty related issue and rate of unemployment in Croatia through initiative solution that addresses three issues at once:

i) to create jobs by
ii) training unemployed people to
iii) improve energy efficiency and thus reduce costs for energy poor households.

The project is designed as a pilot to be tested in one local community and then replicated on a wider scale.

UNDP-led initiative to introduce energy advisors in Croatia was launched in 2013 when curriculum for energy advisors was developed and first visits by energy advisors to energy poor households were conducted. In 2015 UNDP supported Koprivnica-Krizevci County to submit project idea for financing to Fund for Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection in Croatia.

Project got funded and will continue in next 18 months. UNDP is actively involved in all project activities and performs education for energy advisors. Pilot project in Koprivnica-Krizevci County will provide education and part-time job for long-term unemployed persons.


Reduce unemployment amongst the group of young people and long-term unemployed persons

Reduce energy expenses for energy poor households (thus contributing to resolving energy poverty issues)

Foster environment protection by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions


Year Amount
2015 - 2016 USD 10.000