Strengthening the National Protected Area system

Project description

The Project Preparation Grant (PPG) process will engage stakeholders and will support activities that will inform the preparation of the complete project document and CEO Endorsement Request for the Full-Size Project (FSP) "Strengthening the Institutional and Financial Sustainability of the National Protected Area System". This document will be submitted to the GEF following further information gathering and stakeholder consultation, and will be accompanied by co-financing letters in line with pledges made in the Project Identification Form (PIF).

The respective partners and co-financers will be fully engaged in the project design phase; one-on-one consultations, working group meetings, and project development workshops will be convened for the purpose, as appropriate. The PPG activities will consolidate and supplement the existing information supplied in the PIF on the state of biodiversity and protected area system in Croatia.

In order to achieve these objectives, the PPG has been organized into the following activities:

  • Elaborate on and analyse the 'baseline project investments' – with particular focus on initiatives related to PA Management and biodiversity conservation
  • Review the Systemic and Institutional Structure and Capacity for Managing the System of National Protected Areas in Croatia
  • Detailed Assessment of PA Financing and Legal Environment in the Area of PA Financing
  • Feasibility Studies and Pilots for various revenue-generation and cost optimization options at PA and site levels
  • Feasibility and risk analysis, strategy development and budget.


The project Strengthening the Institutional and Financial Sustainability of the National Protected Area System will seek to conserve globally significant marine and terrestrial biological diversity in Croatia, through effective management of the PA system.

The project will achieve this through improving PA management effectiveness and increasing PA Finance. It will seek the most effective solution, effective operations in 19 PAs, and a clear mandate established and accountable to a multi-stakeholder Board. 

The project will also address the financial sustainability of the National Protected Area System through the development and implementation of a Sustainable Financing Plan. The project will broker adequate funding from the Government and donor funds and put in place the institutional arrangements for the management of these funds.

New mechanisms of diversifying the revenue sources will be tested and appropriate policies and legislation proposed to upscale to other areas. An effective fee collection system will be emplaced in the PAs and staff of the protected areas will be capacitated through financial sustainability training courses.

The proposed project is programmed under the GEF Biodiversity Focal Area, Strategic Objective One: Improve Sustainability of Protected Areas (PAs).


Donors                          Amount
Global Environmental Facility (GEF) $ 128,818.00
UNDP $ 30,000.00


Year Delivery
2012 $26,304
Project duration
1 July 2012- 30 September 2013
Geographic coverage
Focus area
Energy and Environment
Project officer
Marija Jurčević (
Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, Nature Protection Directorate