Renewable energy cooperatives project

Project description

 Photo by: Inia Herenčić

Energy cooperatives are associations of local people that have joined their financial and material resources in developing locally owned renewable energy facilities.

The main goal of RES-coop-Croatia project is to promote renewable energy sources through cooperatives, owned by local community. The economic potential of RES-cooperatives is in locally-owned investments, creation of new jobs and new income for local communities; it brings more energy stability (less energy-import) from locally-available sources, at a price that could be adjusted if necessary, to prevent energy poverty which comes with high prices of uncontrollable and/or imported energy.

In this sense, renewable energy is becoming a backbone of sustainable development by addressing not only energy aspect but also economic, social and environmental aspects of community development.


The specific objectives of the project is to:

  • develop a knowledge base on existing energy cooperative models in Germany, Denmark, Austria and other countries that have a developed energy cooperatives tradition;
  • organize ten local seminars on the topic;
  • write a manual on setting up energy cooperatives in Croatia and
  • pilot between one and three selected energy cooperatives that will later on serve as models for other potential cooperatives to follow


Donor Amount

 Heinrich Boell Foundation

$ 6500
UNDP $ 6500