Procurement in Municipalities focusing on Energy Efficient Solutions (PRIMES)

Project description

The purpose of the project is to develop basic skills and provide hands-on support for public purchasing organisations to overcome barriers and implement Green Public Purchasing (GPP). Many lack capacity and knowledge; particularly small and medium sized municipalities. PRIMES will demonstrate how such support can be delivered at conditions which are favorable for even the smallest purchasing organisations; by sharing and co-operating; or by working with a regional energy agency, a cluster organization or the regional authorities.

By developing skills and capacity in a large number of these small and medium sized organisations, PRIMES will have high leverage. Task forces of experts will work with purchasing organisations on specific contracts. There will be at least 144 procurements across 7 partner countries (DK, FR, HR, IT, LV, SE, UK). The task forces will be set up in each country and will work in the local language. It will be a “learning by doing” process to draw up tender specifications and evaluation criteria which will deliver better outcomes – i.e. more energy efficient products and services. The task forces will also provide expert advice on specific product groups, legal issues, life-cycle costings etc.



The aim is to build capacity for Green Public Purchasing (GPP) within small and medium sized public sector organisations – specifically the objectives are to:

  • enable GPP activities via task force interventions in the 7 PRIMES direct target regions;
  • promote the uptake of GPP in the partner countries beyond the direct target regions
  • promote the uptake of GPP in the wider EU
  •  Sustainable energy achievements to be gained in the PRIMES target regions that would otherwise not happen without the PRIMES intervention
  • Sustainable energy achievements that can be triggered in the partner countries outside the target region
  • Sustainable energy achievements that can be triggered outside the partner countries via twinning activities and the promotional efforts on broad European scale

All these objectives are associated with performance indicators that are easier to monitor in the direct target regions.

In addition to the participating partners and municipalities, the key actors include:

  • The central purchasing organisations in the partner countries 
  • National twinning partners located outside the target areas
  • International twinning partners located outside the target areas

The twinning partners have been selected by the consortium partners as the test platforms for the replication of the PRIMES services outside the target areas in order to ensure that the final training material and task force set up is replicable not only in the partners’ own regions but also at a broad European level. In order to ensure the expected output of the twinning activities, each PRIMES partner have selected 2 twinning partners with whom they already have a close cooperation.


Year 2014-2017
Donor Amount
Intelligent Energy Europe € 55.084