Solar Sunflowers

Project description

 Photo by: Inia Herenčić

“Solar Sunflowers” is a project for education of primary school students on renewable energy sources. As part of this project, ten primary schools in Croatia have been equipped with solar panels that rotate towards the Sun during the day so that the modules are directed at the Sun at the optimal angle, which increases the efficiency of the system for 30 per cent, which means larger quantities of obtained electric energy.

Apart from that, the panels are intended to educate school children about renewable energy sources. Through prepared materials (picture books and working sheets) pupils learn about the energy coming from sunlight, wind, riwer flows, tides and waves, gheotermal energy and the biomass energy. UNDP in cooperation with the Society for Sustainable Development Design (DOOR) and the Eko Kvarner association organized education for teachers in order to train them to educate children.

This project has been implemented in nine other primary schools: "Lapad" in Dubrovnik, "Hvar" in Hvar, "Đure Deželića" in Ivanić-grad, "Ostrog" in Kaštel Lukšić, "Ljudevita Modeca" in Križevci, "Fran Krsto Frankopan" in Omišalj, "Veli Vrh" in Pula, "Siniše Glavaševića" in Vukovar and "Šimuna Kozičića Benje" in Zadar. Through the project activities, at least 1.000 children directly gained knowledge about solar energy.

By using the new solar photovoltaic (PV) devices, these ten schools will have the electricity bills reduced for HRK 2.000 annually for the next 25 years. At the same time anyone interested will be able to follow the information about the amount of energy produced by the solar sunflowers in other schools through


  • Installation of solar panels that rotate towards the Sun in 10 primary schools in different parts of Croatia.
  • Education of primary school students on renewable energy sources.


Donor Amount
Croatian Telecom (HT) $ 68,860.00