Fostering Social Acceptance for Wind Power

Project description


The project Wise Power - Fostering Social Acceptance for Wind Power aims at accelerating and adding certainty to planning processes of renewable energy by decreasing local community opposition to such projects, the overhead lines connecting them and other necessary grid infrastructure upgrades. The project will deliver social acceptance pathways in a user friendly format in several languages to  with concrete steps targeted at local communities, authorities, developers, system operators, citizens, cooperatives as well as environmental organizations, recommended procedures for community engagement, benefit sharing mechanisms and communication on local impacts or potential conflicting interests.


In the long term, the project aims to:

  • reduce local resistance to wind farm projects, their overhead lines and required grid reinforcements which should translate into shorter lead times, reduced number of appeals and, thus, increased certainty on overall project development lead times and developed wind farms;
  • build acceptance of wind energy and associated grid infrastructure by empowering local communities and providing guidance through community engagement and participation in wind power project conception and benefits;
  • ensure planning procedures/processes take full stock of the required local participation during project conception, planning and operation for reduced barriers to wind power development, and
  • reduced lead times for wind farms and associated grid infrastructure, increases wind power and wider renewable infrastructure to reach 2020 targets.


Donor Amount
EACI €31.620,00