Synergistic social system

Project summary

The project "Synergistic social system" started with the implementation on 1st October 2014, as a part of the EU Employment and Social Solidarity Programme  - PROGRESS 2007- 2013, and it is implemented by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia. The project is worth €159,633, and the duration 18 months.


Project activities are designed to solve the problem of duplication of certain types of social benefits and their negative impact on the budget of the Republic of Croatia. Specifically, at the time when the project started, there was no singles register or database of all social benefits in Croatia that users can actualize on local and national level. Therefore, some financial compensations are paid for the same purpose at the both levels. At the same time, some local governments are not able to finance these benefits from their own budgets even though they are legally responsible to pay for them.

The project aims to create a Strategy for cost-effective system of social protection in Croatia on the basis of collected data about all of the programs of social benefits at the national and local levels and with the adoption of practices that contribute to more efficient management of the social protection system.

With the report "Analysis of good practice: Opportunities for application in Croatia", basic, interrelated project results are the report 'The structure of fees, expenses and users of social protection in the Republic of Croatia and the Strategy for cost-effective system of social protection in Croatia.


Donor Amount
European Commission 159.633 €