Knowledge Hub for Capacity Development in HIV Surveillance

Project description

The WHO Collaborating Centre / Knowledge Hub for HIV Surveillance is a unique centre which brings together an interdisciplinary group of scientists and policy makers across the University of Zagreb and institutions of excellence in HIV surveillance from all over the world.


The Centre mission is to contribute to increasing capacities in the implementation of effective, sustainable and context-specific HIV surveillance and monitoring and evaluation systems which enable evidence-based development of HIV prevention, care and treatment.The Centre is based at the Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Medical School, University of Zagreb. Sharing knowledge and building research capacities are the key components of Centre’s work. The Centre is committed to helping countries to develop strategic information to guide a more effective HIV/AIDS response by providing innovative training programmes and technical assistance, as well as developing partnerships and collaborative networks that bring together a wide range of expertise in the field.

Accomplishments so far

Since the Centre establishment in 2003, more than 1600 professionals from 84 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa and the Middle East have been trained in HIV surveillance and monitoring and evaluation.


Donor Amount
World Health Organisation (WHO) $47,558.81
WHO $57,851.44
NGO INAS $22,620.56


Year Delivery
2011 $39,926
2012 $30,435