Program Acceleration Funds (PAF3)

Project description

 Report on the work of National Advisor for HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in 2010

The project  provides a platform for informed discussions and debate on actual cases of discrimination and mobilizes policy and legislation changes.

We continuously monitor violations of human rights of people living with HIV and most at risk groups and issue and disseminate a report on an annual basis that also includes beside the documentation of actual cases: a review of policies, programmes and initiatives of the national stakeholders related to the project’s objectives and advices to the national partners on opportunities for support and developing new projects; policy advices that contribute to the design of strategic initiatives requiring a specific input; policy proposals and actions related to the areas of intervention of the this project; reviews of any relevant normative and legal documents and legal notions and drafts of national and international publications including laws and by-laws. It also provides recommendations related to testing, protection of privacy, medical treatment, education, compensation for damages, employment and work, travel, health and social insurance, housing etc.) for people living with HIV and people in contact with people living with HIV and their families.

We organise trainings for national partners and provide support to them in the preparation of different publications and legal documents.

We provide continuous support and advices on HIV and human rights issues to national stakeholders by hiring a consultant with sufficient knowledge and expertise.

Accomplishments so far

Main achievements include:
- annual reports on state of human rights produced each year since 2010
- National consultant on human rights has 33 interventions an biennial basis;
- Guidelines defining exact measure and procedures when dealing with a suspicion of a deliberate HIV transmission were developed;
- Protocol towards victims of rape and similar criminal offences against sexual freedom of the person was developed;
- Quality input to the National Working Group for the changes of the Code in relation to HIV and criminalization was provided


Donor Amount
UNAIDS $105,750 


Year Delivery
2011 $49,457
2012 $19,158