Strengthening Social Inclusion Policies

Project summary

  Photo by Zoran Bogdanović

Croatia signed the Joint Inclusion Memorandum (JIM) with the EU, and has been implementing it since 2007. This project provides support to key national partners in assessing and designing practical policies and strategies for inclusion of its most vulnerable populations. Regional and gender differences, as well as reliable assessments of population at risk of social exclusion, are off particular importance in order for those groups to avoid further marginalization and receive adequate attention through participative and transparent strategic planning for their inclusion. The project builds on the studies and data (Quality of Life indicators provided using EU licensed methodology) with stakeholder consultations (line ministries, social service providers, CSOs, private sector, support groups, beneficiaries and their families). The project aims to contribute to enhanced inclusion policies monitoring framework; functional analysis fo the social care system and the functional analysis of the social welfare system.. Policy options that are financially neutral and provide better services/benefits for users will be explored. The project complements the policy component with direct support to inclusive initiatives that aim at empowerment of vulnerable groups and prevention of their exclusion from society.


The overall outcome of the Social Inclusion programme is the development of the Joint Inclusion Memorandum (JIM) and future social policies with broad stakeholder participation and by targeting vulnerable social groups. Specific project results (outcomes) include:

  • Improved functioning of the social care system;
  • Data on social and economic position of Roma analysed and national policies revised;
  • Improved Governments' capacity to monitor and report on issues of social exclusion and adopt relevant policies based on clear indicators;
  • Reduction in disadvantages experienced by the socially excluded individuals/groups.


Donor Amount (2012)
UNDP $162,914


Year Delivery
2012 $127,469
2011 $35,551