Support to UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS

Project description

Since 2001 the UNAIDS co-sponsors active in Croatia joined in the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS as the main instrument of UN coordination on HIV/AIDS in Croatia.


 Candlelight memorial / Photo by: Ida Mahečić Bajović

To coordinate the efforts of the UN system in support of the national response to the epidemic led by the National AIDS Commission

Expected outputs (according to UNAIDS cross-cutting functions):

1.  Strengthened National AIDS authority (NAA)
- providing strong support to National AIDS Commission with a clear mandate for coordination and with adequate technical resources

2. Strengthened UN TG and its cosponsors’ responses
- regional and sub regional cooperation continued by developing and contributing to sub/regional network
- developing project “Uniformed services and HIV/AIDS” in collaboration with Croatian Ministry of Defence and UNAIDS

3. Functional Partnership involving civil society and media representatives contributing to policy making
developing a comprehensive media strategy
- building the capacity of women’s groups to mainstream HIV/AIDS into their advocacy for gender equality and continue with “Women and HIV/AIDS” campaign

4. Programmes mobilizing major grants and funds developed
- providing technical support for the design and development of the Global Fund grant renewal proposal

5. One Monitoring and Evaluation system
- supporting and strengthening National M&E system (including CRIS)
- providing assistance for UNGASS and Global AIDS reports

6. Strategic information on the country situation and response
mobilizing relevant stakeholders to support the implementation of National programme and identify gaps and need for technical assistance
- developing a legislation analysis

7. UN Learning Strategy on HIV/AIDS


Main achievements include:
1. Providing continuous assistance to national stakeholders; Ministry of Health, NGOs, Public Health Institute and Ministry of Interior Affairs;
2. Development of UNGASS and Global AIDS Reporting reports over the years;
3.  Advocacy initiatives in regard to World AIDS Day and UN Cares/ learning strategy for WAD  were implemented;
4. WAD grants for NGOs with regard to destigmatization of AIDS were disbursed;
5. UNAIDS cosponsors in Croatia and their response to HIV/AIDS was strengthened;
6.  Y Peer Network Croatia was established;
7.  National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) was introduced, Croatian experts took place in regional training opportunities;
8. mailing list and sub-regional mailing list are maintained;
9. Five sub regional project implemented over the years;
10. 5th Western Balkans conference on HIV/AIDS organised in Zagreb with more than 160 participants from the region.


Donor Amount
UNDP $25,000
Foundation Partnerships in Health $89,149
UNHCR $5,000
UNICEF $5,000
UNDP $25,000
UNHCR $5,000
UNICEF $5,000


Year Delivery
2011 $34,288
2012 $9,600