Local Development


The UNDP Local Development programme attempts to reduce differences between developed and less developed areas of Croatia, by stimulating the socio-economic rehabilitation of war affected, mostly rural communities. The focus of the UNDP's activities are the rural municipalities and towns falling within the category of Areas of Special State Concern within three distinct geographic areas: Banovina & Kordun; Lika & Dalmatian hinterland and Eastern Slavonia – Danube region.

Our Goals

The Programme acts as a complement and a corrective to existing state, county and local development activities, with stronger focus on – communities, vulnerable groups, individuals and businesses that are not able to participate in development activities. In partnership with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, the Programme enhances its EU policies’ adjustment activities, through development of project proposals, for which the targeted municipalities and counties, and the business sector within them, currently do not have sufficient capacity.more

Rural communities in Croatia

UNDP targets a range of developmental needs in Croatia, including improving living conditions and economic opportunities in war-affected, rural and remote areas./Photo: Sunčica Pleštinamore

Our Stories

Symbol of Vukovar regains its beauty after 22 years

The best-known architectural monument in central Vukovar, Workers' Hall, which was demolished in 1991 during the three-month siege of the city, regained its former splendor undermore 

Solar power restores electricity to remote Croatian village

“The milk that we produce, we cannot sell,” says Mileva Desnica, who lives in the small village of Ajderovac in Croatia. “We don’t have electricity formore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • ARCH–Vukovar: Heritage as a means of development

    The best-known architectural monument in central Vukovar, Radnički dom (Worker's Hall), which was demolished during the 1990s war, is to regain its former splendor under a €1.64 million project funded by the European Union (EU) and the Vukovar Reconstruction and Development Fund.more 

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