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New Future for Rural Producers at Zadar’s Local Farmers Market

It’s been little more than a year since the Farmers Market was first opened in Croatia’s Zadar County in September 2013, but in that short time the market project has established itself as a model for rural regeneration. Hundreds of residents of Zadar now regularly flock to the market each Saturdaymore


Solar power restores electricity to remote Croatian village

“The milk that we produce, we cannot sell,” says Mileva Desnica, who lives in the small village of Ajderovac in Croatia. “We don’t have electricity for a refrigerator, so we can only store food in the cold room for a day or two at most.” The municipality of Gračac where the village is located was cumore


Symbol of Vukovar regains its beauty after 22 years

The best-known architectural monument in central Vukovar, Workers' Hall, which was demolished in 1991 during the three-month siege of the city, regained its former splendor under a €1.64 million project. The project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) over two years, compmore

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EU Rural Development review is series of reviews that have a great role in informing stakeholders about EU development activities, opportunities and good practicies.