Alt text for imageWindmills in the Lika County / Photo by: Sunčica Pleština

Croatia’s Green Programme for Energy and the Environment - Taking an integrated approach to environmental and socio-economic development 

Our vision of Croatia's development is to achieve a low-carbon and greener economy by 2050. 

Achieving this vision will entail using more energy-efficient solutions in buildings and cities, introducing green criteria in public procurements, deploying more renewable energy sources and adopting the most cost-efficient solutions to ensure energy access and better standards of living for the benefit of local people and communities.

This means ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and improving the management of protected areas of nature in order to preserve the country’s rich biodiversity. Preserving biodiversity is essential to human wellbeing since the conservation of diverse habitats and species provides such vital services as healthy food, clean air and water, as well as medicine and protection from many of the negative impacts of natural disasters and climate change.

Developing a greener economy further involves stimulating and making optimal use of local production capacities, creating jobs and developing new skills for entrepreneurs, as well as providing support for family farms, applying innovative solutions and demonstrating and communicating good practices that can be replicated on a wider scale.

Ultimately, our vision aims at significantly reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, creating equal opportunities for people and conserving nature, and achieving a more equitable distribution of the country’s resources.

UNDP is committed to assisting Croatia in fulfilling the obligations arising from its ratification of international conventions and agreements—including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as the EU’s 2020 Strategy and the 2050 Roadmap to Low-carbon Competitive Economy. This brings a global and EU legacy dimension to our work.