Environment and Energy

Croatia’s Green Programme for Energy and the Environment – taking an integrated approach to environmental and socio-economic development. Our vision of Croatia’s development is to achieve a low-carbon and greener economy by 2050.

Our Goals

Achieving this vision will entail using more energy-efficient solutions in buildings and cities, introducing green criteria in public procurements, deploying more renewable energy sources and adopting the most cost-efficient solutions to ensure energy access and better standards of living for the benefit of local people and communities.more

Windmills in the Lika County

Photo by Sunčica Pleštinamore

Our Stories


Tapping the potential of Croatia’s biodiversity

Over the next four years, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will be implementing the PARCS project in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection to strengthen the management of the country’s 19 most important parks. more 

Shifting towards low-carbon cities

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires fundamental social and economic changes over a long period of time. Local farming, alternative forms of transport, building with natural materials and better use of public spaces are just some of the ways in which we can contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

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