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  • Energy Efficiency Programme Generates Huge SavingsEnergy Efficiency Programme Generates Huge Savings

  • Helping low-income Croatian households save money on energyHelping low-income Croatian households save money on energyIn a single afternoon, Miroslav Horvat and his family received the advice and equipment they needed to save them hundreds of euros each year. Energy advisors from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) installed energy-saving light bulbs, applied adhesive tape to their windows to prevent heat loss, and shared other low-cost measures to reduce energy use, all free of charge. These changes should reduce the family’s energy consumption by 30-40%, yielding savings that will bring a real improvement in their daily lives.

  • Shifting towards low-carbon citiesShifting towards low-carbon citiesPlanting urban gardens, using straw and mud as building materials, riding bicycles – these were among the proposals featured during a panel discussion in Zagreb aimed at identifying ways in which individuals can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create low-carbon cities.

  • Solar power restores electricity to remote Croatian village Solar power restores electricity to remote Croatian village

  • Tapping the potential of Croatia’s biodiversityTapping the potential of Croatia’s biodiversity“The future for Croatia’s beautiful nature parks is looking a lot brighter with this new project,” says Tajana Ban Ćurić, a 37-year-old technical officer employed in the Medvednica Nature Park. “It’s a huge investment and we’re all hopeful it’s going to transform the way our country manages these precious protected areas.”