Our Stories

  • Surviving wartime sexual violence

    Twenty years after the war, women like Ivana and Ana live coping with violent memories, lost family members, sometimes seeing perpetrators in the streets, stigmatized by many in their communities, trying to create some sort of normality in their lives.

  • Symbol of Vukovar regains its beauty after 22 years
  • Tapping the potential of Croatia’s biodiversity

    “The future for Croatia’s beautiful nature parks is looking a lot brighter with this new project,” says Tajana Ban Ćurić, a 37-year-old technical officer employed in the Medvednica Nature Park. “It’s a huge investment and we’re all hopeful it’s going to transform the way our country manages these precious protected areas.”

  • Youth as builders of a common future in Croatia

    With the highest share of Roma in its total population, Međimurje County has 12 Roma settlements like Kuršanec spatially separated from the majority of the local population which especially results in geographical aspects of exclusion, particularly for youth generations.