What We Do

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in 177 countries and territories. UNDPs presence in Croatia is governed by a Standard Basic Assistance Agreement with the Government of Croatia. We target a range of developmental needs in Croatia, including improving living conditions and economic opportunities in war-affected, rural and remote areas; promoting energy efficiency and environmental protection; advocating the full social inclusion of people with disabilities, minorities and other vulnerable groups; and enhancing justice and human security.

Our Goals

UNDP's mission is captured in a simple statement: "Leave no one behind." As Croatia evolved and concluded its preparations to join the European Union (EU), UNDP's role has changed as well. Most UNDP projects currently involve helping institutions and communities prepare for EU accession. At the same time, the emphasis of its efforts is shifting from development projects inside the country to the sharing of Croatia's experience and expertise with other countries.

UNDP in Croatia

Member of Prospero association handcrafts an earthenware bowl / Photo by: Alina Čabraja

Our Stories

  • Photo by: Inia Herenčić

    Surviving wartime sexual violence

    By Jasmina Papa It was a sunny, crisp March morning in 2012. Arriving to Vukovar, in Eastern Slavonia, a town that is believed to be themore

Projects and Initiatives

ARCH–Vukovar: Heritage as a means of development

The best-known architectural monument in central Vukovar, Radnički dom (Worker's Hall), which was demolished during the 1990s war, is to regain its former splendor under a €1.64 million project funded by the European Union (EU) and the Vukovar Reconstruction and Development Fund. more

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Flickr: Solar Sunflowers in Croatian schools
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with
  • Zadar school marks the arrival of spring with

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Solar Sunflowers in Croatian schools

As part of the "Solar Sunflowers" project, ten primary schools in Croatia have been equipped with a solar panel. The detached solar panels rotate towards the Sun during the day so that the modules are directed at the Sun at the optimal angle, which increases the efficiency of the system for 30 per cent, which means larger quantities of obtained electric energy.

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The Place for Everyone - June 2014

Focus on UNDP Croatia's activities in the Issue 7 of the Newsletter of a Regional Initiative on Area-Based Development for Inclusion (UNDP Regional Centre, Bratislava) 

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