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Healing, hope and justice for victims of wartime sexual violence

“The other day my husband asked me—all concerned and serious—how come I seemed so different these days. I asked him what he meant and he said something like ‘Well, it’s just I haven’t seen you so calm and okay for so long. What’s changed?’ I knew what he meant. The truth is I’d hardly smiled for themore


Surviving wartime sexual violence

By Jasmina Papa It was a sunny, crisp March morning in 2012. Arriving to Vukovar, in Eastern Slavonia, a town that is believed to be the site of some of the worst atrocities that took place in the 1991 to 1995 war in Croatia. Traces of shelling and bullets are still visible on some of the buildings.more


Youth as builders of a common future in Croatia

By Juliette Delescluse Many small yellow houses from the Austro-Hungarian period with an often worn-out facade; some newly built white or pink houses with sometimes closed roller blind with the owner living in Germany but visiting his homeland country during summer; a large number of medium-size houmore

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Disabilities - Handbook for Parliamentarians

The handbook aims to help parliaments adhere to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. It is both a call to action for the parliamentary leadership and a practical reference work that parliamentarians can turn to for information and guidance in tailoring legislation to address the challenges faced by people with disabilities. This handbook emphasizes the importance of human rights because they are so essential for the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

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