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  • “Empower Women, Empower Humanity - Picture It!” Mar 8, 2015

    Today is International Women’s Day, which this year is devoted to the theme, “Empower Women, Empower Humanity - Picture It!” Join me in supporting this call to fulfill the promises made in Beijing 20 years ago, and to realize a world in which every woman and girl has the opportunity to fulfill her potential and enjoy equal rights and status.

  • From Tajikistan with love: The “handywomen” diaries Mar 5, 2015

    Knowing the fact around one million men work abroad, and that Tajikistan have incredible 300+ sunny days a year, we came up with an idea to start a pilot projet to educate women who remain behind how to make DIY solar heating systems.

  • The acceptance and promotion of diversity crucial for reconciliation Feb 26, 2015

    The regional project 'Mapping initiatives for reconciliation in the Western Balkans' that originated in the past two decades has gathered a number of representatives from the public and civil sector in Zagreb who have been dealing with this issue as a part of their work.

  • How can EU and third countries benefit from cooperation on renewable energy? Feb 24, 2015

    High-level policy discussion event “How can EU and third countries benefit from cooperation on renewable energy?” is being organised on March 3rd in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe project “Bringing Europe and Third Countries Closer together through Renewable Energies”.

  • Green electricity in the City of Koprivnica Jan 29, 2015

    Electric energy for all public buildings is purchased through the public procurement. In Koprivnica they did everything they can to preserve the environment and at the same time be more energy efficient – as from this year, electricity for the city hall, several other public buildings and public lighting comes from renewable energy sources.

  • Solar energy for a brighter future of Croatian rural areas Jan 29, 2015

    Thanks to the UNDP's project for the electrification of households in rural areas of Croatia, an access to electricity will be provided for the priority households through the independent systems that use renewable energy sources without connecting to the network.

  • Is renewable energy cooperation option for the EU and the Western Balkans? Jan 2, 2015

    A range of energy and environmental experts from UNDP Europe and CIS gathered together with the representatives of the European Commission in Brussels on 10 -11 December to jointly explore the possibilities of cooperation in the sustainable energy field in the Western Balkans countries

  • 87 project ideas were presented for the less developed Croatian regions, which are eligible for financing from EU funds Dec 15, 2014

    The Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia presented the main results of the project “Preparing grounds for the use of EU funds: creating a project database for the less developed areas of the Republic of Croatia.”, today in Zagreb. The project started in August 2013 and lasted 18 months.

  • The importance of mountains for our sustainable future Dec 11, 2014

    Mountains have an extremely important role in influencing global and regional climates and weather conditions. They cover around one-quarter of the earth's land surface and are home to 720 million people around the world. Indirectly, billions more living downstream also benefit from mountains.

  • The citizens have decided: We want a green and healthy city Dec 7, 2014

    Better public transportation and cycling infrastructure, more jobs, and recycling are the things that are the most important for the citizens of Zagreb. Those are the key results of a survey that involved nearly 350 participants, and was conducted as part of the development of low-carbon vision for the City of Zagreb by 2050.