• Obstacles and opportunities for the Roma education in Sisak-Moslavina County Sep 4, 2015

    On the occasion of the beginning of a new school year, the mobile team, which operates within the UNDP’s project Better Together - social inclusion of Roma in Croatia, visited on September 2, 2015 Roma settlement, Capraške Poljane.

  • Paklenica – a magnificent walk through the ravines of vanished waters Aug 31, 2015

    Giant ravines of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica leave no place for indifference due to the insignificance of man below a mountain. The force of nature did not hesitate to show its superiority in this place, but also its mercy towards those who respect her. This is where the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain are located. Paklenica itself is a challenging rock-climbing treat. Its name is derived from black pine sap, the so-called “paklina”. The mountain is the autochthonous home to black pine forests and clear mountain creeks flowing beneath them, cut into the deep canyons of Paklenica by the force of water.

  • UNDP launches storytelling contest to amplify climate coverage on the run up to Paris summit Aug 31, 2015

    UNDP has launched a global storytelling contest, Voices2Paris, to contribute to raising public awareness on the negative impacts of climate change as well as on the opportunities and solutions seen in actions by individuals and governments alike across vulnerable developing countries worldwide.

  • The life-cycle costs of products and services is a key criterion of UNDP's procurement until 2017 Aug 31, 2015

    Poverty eradication, reducing social exclusion and turning toward the green practices are objectives of UNDP. The fulfilment of this vision requires the efficient and effective provision of goods and services, making procurement a strategically important for UNDP.

  • Understanding inequality in Southeast Europe: Taking stock and moving forward Aug 28, 2015

    The Institute of Economics, Zagreb and UNDP are organising a conference “Understanding inequality in Southeast Europe: Taking stock and moving forward”, on Monday 14 September 2015.

  • Roma people from Kutina got valuable computer equipment Aug 27, 2015

    Roma Association „Romski put-Kalje alu Bajaš“ from Kutina received from the company EPCOS Croatia valuable computer equipment that will help them in their future work, and also in the education of young Roma. The donation consists of two desktop computers and a laser printer.

  • Find out everything you need to know about crowdfunding on the first regional crowdfunding conference in Zagreb Aug 26, 2015

    In Trešnjevka Cultural Centre, on 17-18 September 2015 will be held Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention, a unique event dedicated to crowdfunding, organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia and social enterprise BRODOTO.

  • Kornati – the game of rocks and sea Aug 20, 2015

    A labyrinth of stone, with eighty nine islands, islets and rocks in the sea – that is the Kornati archipelago. It is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. Regardless of whether you look at the Kornati Islands from the air, from the sea, or from sightseeing points on the islands, the view is equally impressive – and yet different to the eye every single time.

  • Roma search for a better life and acceptance through films Aug 18, 2015

    In the town of Kutina there is a large Roma community with many characteristics caused by different migration flows and settlings of Roma from many countries and cities. Including the movies on Roma topics at the Kutina Movie Nights is one way of promoting inclusion and tolerance.

  • Roma in Croatia commemorated the Porajmos Aug 2, 2015

    The International Day of Commemorating Roma victims of Holocaust/ Porajmos was celebrated on August 2 by commemorative gathering on the Uštica Roma cemetery, at the Jasenovac Memorial Site. The event was attended by representatives of the highest state institutions, embassies, religious communities and non-governmental organizations.