New bridge restores road access for remote village near Glina

Jun 17, 2013

Marking the completion of the project “Rebuilding bridges and communities in Glina,“ the newly built bridge in the village of Dangube was officially opened on 17 June 2013. Glina Mayor Milan Bakšić, United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative Louisa Vinton and Deputy Head of Mission from the Dutch Embassy Gabriella Sancisi unveiled a memorial plaque on the newly rebuilt bridge. The aim of the project was to reconnect isolated villages populated mainly by ethnic Serb returnee families with services available in the town centre, both by improving their road access and by educating community members about opportunities to influence local decision-making.


“The Town of Glina is very pleased that the UNDP and the Dutch Embassy recognized the needs of the Glina area and that, in cooperation with the Town, co-financed the project of building the bridge in Dangube and developed project documentation for another bridge,” said Bakšić. “This project improved people’s lives in this area, for which we are very happy.”

 “We know that the needs to improve infrastructure remains high throughout the territory of the Town of Glina, and there are still many old bridges that need urgent reconstruction,” said Vinton. “We are glad that we could help in this case, and we continue to look for new opportunities in order to expand cooperation with the Town of Glina.”

The project, worth a total of HRK 460,000, was funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which contributed HRK 150,000, the Town of Glina, which provided HRK 250,000 and UNDP, which contributed HRK 60,000 and implemented the project. The bridge in the village of Dangube was fully reconstructed and all preparatory surveys and the collection of building permits were completed for a second bridge in the Milakare village.

In addition, to expand the participation of local communities in decision-making about issues of local importance, UNDP and the Town of Glina worked to revive the village boards, the lowest form of elected local government in Croatia that had fallen into disuse in the Glina area. UNDP organized three workshops for members of local communities: on the legal framework for the village boards; on their significance in local decision-making; and on raising funds for local development. The village boards are now being reactivated.