UNDP Croatia joined the action against floods

Jun 17, 2013

Photo by: Osijek-Baranja County website

As a response to urgent preparation and defense against a big water wave coming to Croatia from the north via the Danube river and consequently causing an increased water level of the Drava river and other confluences, UNDP Croatia joined the actions to help endangered areas.

Namely, UNDP in cooperation with the City Office of Emergency Management of Zagreb (OEM) helped by sending chemical toilets and life belts. The 100 life belts donation was ensured through UNDP's project “Response to natural disasters in the Republic of Croatia 2012“, which anticipates the development of preparation capacity and response to dangers of blizzards and floods.

The donation is hastily and in due time delivered to the Osijek-Baranja County, the area most heavily affected by the disaster. A part of the donated life belts was agreed to be delivered to the City of Vukovar as help in their fight against floods and high water level.

The action, together with all other preparatory activities undertaken by local protection and rescue directorates, Hrvatske vode, Croatian Armed Forces, Red Cross, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) and Croatian Firefighting Association, ensured a synergistic effect which resulted in a very successful defense of the endangered area and therefore it is a great example of action as disaster response. However, they also remind us of an enduring need for development and work on prevention and preparedness of the whole system for protection and rescue in case of these and similar natural disasters in the future.