U.S. Ambassador donates IT equipment to Family centre in Kuršanec Roma settlement

Jun 18, 2013

Young Roma participants of UNDP workshops present their work/photo by U.S. EMBASSY IN ZAGREB

United States ambassador has donated IT equipment to the Family Centre/kinder garden “Pirgo“ in the Kuršanec Roma settlement, consisting of three personal computers, a projector, educational software programs and a printer. The event is one in a series of activities which are a part of UNDP's project “Comprehensive Inclusion Programme for Roma in Međimurje County, Croatia” and ”Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma“ by Open Society Foundation. Through an all-inclusive strategy involving local stakeholders, the project supports community based initiatives in Kuršanec enhancing participation of Roma in education and employment as well as multicultural activities for young people.

“The United States is an observer of the Decade of Roma Inclusion and I would like to congratulate Croatia on a job well done in leading the Decade over the past year; you have much to be proud of as you formally turn over the Decade reins to Montenegro tomorrow,” said the U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Kenneth Merten.

 „Promoting better living conditions and opportunities for Roma is a priority for the United Nations in Croatia, as is fighting all kinds of prejudice and discrimination,“ said UNDP Resident Representative Louisa Vinton. „In the course of our work we have found many new friends and allies, and one success we see already is the creation of a broad and diverse platform for joint work and shared advocacy for Roma inclusion.”

 UNDP conducts the “Platform for Roma inclusion in Međimurje County“ project lasting 12 months. The main donor is the Open Society Institute/“Making the most of EU funds for Roma“. The general aim of the project is the inclusion of Roma in communities so that they have a better quality of life.