Varaždin County recognizes UNDP and Energy Efficiency project

Oct 10, 2013

VARAŽDIN, 10 October 2013
– During the 7th annual Lifelong Learning Week*, in the Varaždin County palace, UNDP’s project “Encouraging Energy Efficiency in Croatia” was awarded a certificate of appreciation from Varaždin County. The award was received by the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Louisa Vinton, as well as the Project Coordinator for Energy Efficiency, Mladen Antolić. During the occasion 96 participants in the energy consultants’ course also received their diplomas.

The importance of lifelong education was presented in more detail by the Deputy Governor of Varaždin County, Alen Kišić, who highlighted the fact that the county is becoming a central learning location. “It is never too late to learn, learning does not stop when formal education is finished. We need to learn every day and on every occasion,” concluded Kišić. “This is of special importance toady, when the Republic of Croatia is a member of the European Union and when we are facing new opportunities which will be seized by those who are prepared for them.

Vinton thanked everyone for the certificate of recognition and explained to those in attendance how Varaždin County is a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. 

Head of the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports in Varaždin Coutny, Miroslav Huđek held a presentation called Lifelong Learning in Varaždin County, in which he looked back on the results achieved during the five years of the project’s implementation by the County and its partners: Mechanical and Traffic School Varaždin, Varaždin Medical School, Architectural, Natural and Mining School Varaždin, Electrical Engineering School Varaždin, Varaždin Economic School, Education and Communication Centre, and UNDP.

During this period, a total of 1,693 participants from vocational schools attended special programs from which they acquired secondary education and attended professional training programmes. Additional efforts stemming from the project “Encouraging Energy Efficiency in Croatia” resulted in the reconstruction of the heating system, lighting, and the modernization of reactive power compensation. Moreover, in 2008 UNDP, within the scope of the project Energy Efficiency, became involved in the activities of “Systematic Governance of Energy in Cities and Counties” (SGE), ISGE information system for the management of energy, and info center in the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, as part of a renewable energy project started with the construction of the roof power network. Also in collaboration with UNDP, four courses for the training of energy advisors have been held.

*A Lifelong Learning Week is a UNESCO initiative which began in 1999 aiming to raise public awareness for lifelong learning, promoting a culture of learning and encouraging personal motivation. This year's edition of the event was dedicated to the citizens who practice civic competence, with particular attention to the possibilities of acquiring these competencies outside the regular education system. Lifelong Learning Week was organized by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training.