Green electricity in the City of Koprivnica

Jan 29, 2015

photo: city of koprivnica

City of Koprivnica purchased electric energy from renewable energy sources according to the criteria of green public procurement 

Electric energy for all public buildings is purchased through the public procurement. In Koprivnica they did everything they can to preserve the environment and at the same time be more energy efficient – as from this year, electricity for the city hall, several other public buildings and public lighting comes from renewable energy sources. 

Thanks to the project titled Procurement in Municipalities focusing on Energy Efficient Solutions, also know by the acronym PRIMES, which is being implemented in seven European countries within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE Programme), and the technical assistance of the Regional Energy Agency North and UNDP Croatia, Koprivnica conducted several public procurement procedures according to the so-called green criteria.

That kind of procurement promotes buying products and services with the least negative impact on the environment while achieving positive impact on human health and the economy. 

In 2014, Koprivnica conducted for the first time a public procurement procedure of electric energy from renewable energy sources. Although many local and regional self-governments in Croatia are implementing energy efficiency policy, the use of so called green electricity in public buildings has just begun. Green electric energy in Croatia until now was reserved mostly for big companies. 

Although many local and regional self-governments in Croatia are implementing the energy efficiency policies, the use of so-called green electricity in public institutions is only in the initial phase. 

Besides that, the City of Koprivnica in 2014 decided to unify the purchase of electricity with some of the city's institutions that also became consumers of electricity from renewable sources. These are Primary School of brothers Radic, Elementary School Duro Ester, Art school Fortunat Pintarić and Public Open University. In addition to the aforementioned institutions, green electricity in Koprivnica is being used for public lighting since 2015.

The acquisition of 3,550 MWh of electricity from renewable sources ensured reduction of CO2 emissions of 1,300 tons per year compared to the consumption of electricity from conventional ie. non-renewable resources. 

As Croatia as the newest member of the EU needs to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, such step forward in the procurement of energy sources in addition to increasing the energy efficiency of local governments and fostering the use of renewable energy sources at the local area, other municipalities are encouraged in "greening" their public procurements. 

City of Koprivnica is therefore an excellent example that is possible to live and work "greener".