How can the EU and neighbouring countries benefit from cooperation on renewable energy?

Feb 24, 2015

photo: inia herencic

A high-level policy discussion event “How can the EU and neighbouring countries benefit from cooperation on renewable energy?” is being organised on March 3rd in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe project “Bringing Europe and Third Countries Closer together through Renewable Energies”  

The purpose of the event is twofold

To present the main results of the BETTER project, in particular: 

- A synthesis of the three regional case studies: North Africa, Turkey and West Balkans; 

- Potential and prospects of cooperation mechanisms in helping Europe achieve its RES-E targets in 2020 and beyond, under different scenario conditions;

- A set of action plans tailored to the specific case study regions; and 

- A policy roadmap. 

Discuss the main policy implications and priorities for the post-2020 framework, namely: 

- How should cooperation mechanisms further evolve in order to become a more attractive and cost-effective option both for policy makers and investors?

- What are the long-term economic benefits that can be reached at the EU and Third country level under different energy policy cooperation assumptions?

- What are the main other positive side-effects of enhanced energy cooperation between the EU and its neighboring countries?

- Which lessons are to be retained to create a framework for increased Euro-Mediterranean energy policy cooperation, twenty years after the launch of the Barcelona process? 


Seats are limited, so if you interested, please register at your earliest convenience.