From Tajikistan with love: The “handywomen” diaries

Mar 5, 2015

Today in Tajikistan, water is heated with firewood, which both takes time and contributes to the deforestation that is wreaking havoc on the country (some areas already have lost 70 percent of their forests in last 20 years!).

In addition, the use of wood in lower efficiency stoves has contributed to air pollution, causing additional health risks.

Knowing the fact around one million men work abroad, and that Tajikistan have incredible 300+ sunny days a year, we came up with an idea to start a pilot projet to educate women who remain behind how to make DIY solar heating systems.

The pilot project is under the program on SE4ALL of the Istanbul Regional Hub and is implemented via cooperation between UNDP Tajikistan and UNDP Croatia – representing a pilot model for East2East exchange on Sustainable Energy Solutions between the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

More information about this pilot project can be seen here.