'Experience the PARK' - we are looking for the most beautiful photos of Croatian national and nature parks

Mar 11, 2015

photo: undp croatia

The United Nations Development Programme in Croatia has announced a photo contest with which they aim to raise awareness about the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Croatian national and nature parks. 

ZAGREB, 11 March 2015 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Croatia invites all in love with nature and photography to submit their images to the photo contest ‘Experience the PARK'

With the given theme, the aim of the contest is to draw attention to the unique world of Croatian national and nature parks, the richness of their diversity as well as the unprecedented natural beauty and cultural heritage. The photo contest is a part of the PARCS project conducted by the UNDP and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in order to protect and improve protected areas in Croatia – national and nature parks. This is a four-year project that started last year, and it has been implemented thanks to a grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in the amount of HRK 27 million. 

With 420 different protected areas Croatia is among the richest countries in the European Union in terms of biodiversity and natural resources, emphasized the project manager, Valentina Futač. There are eight natural and eleven nature parks in Croatia which makes up 60% of all protected areas. 

“These areas are very important for the health of the environment as a whole, as well as for human health reasons. Clean water and air, healthy food, natural medication and protection from natural disasters depend on diversity. We want to bring the beauty and value of our national and nature parks closer to the public through this photo contest”, stressed Futač. 

We welcome contestants to submit three of their favorite photographs from 11 March 2015 to 11 June 2015 on UNDP Croatia Greens Facebook page in the following activities:

PARKtivity – park activities
Running, hiking, sleeping, photography, ˝recharging and emptying your batteries˝, researching, resting, climbing and nature observation are only a few of the many activities that parks offer. Present us with your favorite park activity using a photograph of your choice. 

PARKorama – landscapes, vistas, and panoramas
Views that cross hills and mountains reaching our crystal blue sea, the world is in the palm of your hand, nature in its most raw and intact form, your favorite spot that takes your breath away-all of these are reasons that keep us coming back to our favorite and to us most beautiful places. Be generous, share them with us!

PARKodiversity – biodiversity of parks

When we look away from the big picture and beautiful vistas and concentrate on the details, we see things in parks that manage to surprise us time and again. Their overall beauty and values are built with immense details that make a mosaic of biodiversity. Show us exactly those details and values that we might miss at first, but without them our parks wouldn’t exist.

The best photographs in each category will be selected by a jury of representatives of implementing partners of the PARCS project. 

Voting for all submitted photographs is possible through the UNDP Croatia Green facebook page. In accordance with the total number of publicly won votes, the winners of each category will receive appropriate prizes. 

The photograph-winner of the category with the largest number of public votes will win three one-day visits for two to national and/or nature parks with the extra activity of their choice. The winner will be able to choose from attractions like the underwater educational trail at the islands of Brijuni National park, the observation of wild animals in National park Risnjak, a winter tour with a snowmobile of the Northern Velebit National park, diving at the Kornati National park, a canoeing adventure at the Kopački rit Nature park and others. 

The second place photograph and the winner of the category will win an ˝A standard˝ course of the Croatian Mountaineering Association for a social excursions guide (or according to an agreement made in accordance with the rules of the Croatian Mountaineering Association), and the third place photograph and winner of the category will win a set of books on mountaineering, national parks and the natural beauties of Croatia.